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 We understand that your needs can be different from other patients.  

 When registering with us for the first time, please make the Receptionist aware that you are a military veteran and we will update your records.  If you have recently left the armed forces, it’s important to give us the paperwork that your military medical centre gave you, including any medical records as this will give us the information on your health and ensure that any ongoing care and treatment is continued.

By letting us know that you are a veteran, we will update your records to ensure that you are able to access dedicated services for those who have served in the armed forces. Veterans and their families, due to their military service, should not be disadvantaged.  All veterans with health conditions that may be related to military service are entitled to be given priority treatment, subject to clinical need. 

We have produced a leaflet with resources for your information.  Please click here to access the leaflet

OPCourage- The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service- Click on Op Courage for more information.  To find your nearest Op Courage contact details, please start by clicking here

Armed Forces Briefing

For the latest copy of the Armed Forces Briefing please click on AF Briefing May 2022

Female Veterans NHS Care

Podcast looking at NHS care of female Armed Forces veterans

The Royal College of GPs have recorded a podcast with Ali Brown, Military Veteran and Co-chair of SESWHISG, Cobseo Female Veteran Cluster.  The podcast focuses on the issues that female veterans may have in presenting to GPs and accessing the services they need.

In this podcast, RCGP Veterans Clinical Champion Dr Veronica Grant meets Ali Brown to inform NHS GPs and primary health care teams  about female veterans’ health, and potential medical challenges faced by this patient group.

Click on Podcast to listen