Practice Charter

What You Can Expect of Us

  • Names - All those involved in your care will introduce themselves and you will know how to contact them.
  • Respect - All involved in your care will be polite and respectful, irrespective of your circumstances.
  • Access To The Doctors - You should expect to be able to see a doctor for an urgent case the same day. If you are too unwell, or disabled to attend the surgery we will visit you at home.
  • Waiting Time - You will be given a time when you should see either the nurse or the doctor. You should not expect to wait more than 30 minutes without an explanation why.
  • Telephone:- 01202 974700 We will answer the telephone promptly and politely. You will also have the opportunity to talk to a doctor by telephone on the day that you wish. At night or out of hours your call will be transferred automatically.
  • Repeat Prescriptions - To ensure effective access for emergency calls this practice does not accept requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone, unless in exceptional circumstances. We will have requests for repeat prescriptions processed within 72 hours.
  • Test Results - If the practice has arranged for you to have tests, you will be told the result at the next appointment or if a further appointment has not been arranged, you may ring for the results after 11am. We will endeavour to provide you with a time when the results will be available.
  • Information - Full information about the services we offer is on our website. We will endeavour to explain/give you full information regarding your care and health.
  • Health Promotion - The Moordown Medical Centre has a policy of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, i.e. non-smoking, moderate alcohol consumption, healthy diet and regular exercise. We run Cardiac, Asthma and Diabetic Clinics.

We will make available to you information about:

  • Steps you can take to encourage good health and avoid illness.
  • Things you can do in the first instance (self-help) without talking to a doctor in the case of minor ailments.
  • Your Records - It is your right to see your medical records regarding information. Your records are confidential and all members of the practice team are bound by strict rules governing patient confidentiality.
  • Patient Feedback - Complaints should be directed as suggested in the Practice Leaflet. We have a suggestion box in the surgery. We want to ensure we continue to improve our services to you. Any constructive suggestions are more than welcome. 

What We Expect Of You (Helping us helps you)

  • Let us know if you change your name, address, telephone number or house number (this is vital if a home visit is required). Also let us know if there is a change in your ‘next of kin’.
  • We wish you to treat us as you would wish to be treated yourself. Only ask for a home visit if the patient is too ill to visit the surgery. If the doctor asks you to come to the surgery, please endeavour to do so. Request a visit as early as possible in the morning, preferably before 11.00am. Please accept that you cannot request the GP of your choice when asking for a home visit.
  • Please try to keep your appointment and be punctual. If you cannot attend, please tell us as soon as possible. Your appointment can then be offered to someone else.
  • If you wish to talk to a doctor this is best to be booked as early as possible. The doctor that you receive a phone call from will phone you at any time throughout the day. We can only take one contact number and the Doctor will only try once to phone you. If you miss the call the doctor will not try again and you will have to arrange it for another day.
  • We do not take medication requests over the phone, only in exceptional circumstances. Either use the prescription request slip supplied with your prescription or sign up for online ordering via the website.  Please ask the team for a user name and password. PLEASE ALLOW 72 HOURS
  • Results of tests take varying times to return to the surgery. Please telephone for these results after 11am. Please ask when having the test how long the results are likely to take to return.
  • YOU are responsible for your continuing good health and that of your children. If you are given professional advice and help, please ACT ON IT.
  • For access to your medical records, please request Full Clinical Access via online services.  If you do not have online services, please put in writing to the Practice Manager that you wish access to your medical records.